Metaversing is a series of techniques and strategies aimed at achieving a globally sustainable future, for Earth and all its inhabitants.

Because it posits that saving Earth from existential crises like Climate Change requires motivations tailored to every basic human need, it sees environmental improvement and personal growth as both equal in importance and interdependent.

People often achieve challenging things because they are inspired. Actions stemming from enthusiasm are more likely to be repeated over the long term than those compelled by fear, or driven by intellection. Metaversing uses techniques which evoke awe, curiosity, healthy competition context-free thought, heroism, laughter, storytelling, experimentation, and a shared sense of community to impel group and individual activity in service of larger goals.

Metaversing differs from what is commonly called the 'Metaverse' in that it begins with a determination of what's best for planetary and personal thriving, and then seeks solutions. Phenomena like AR, VR, and Virtual Worlds may be among the many answers, but they're just tools, not goals.

The things we can do to effect a sustainable future can be fulfilling, growth-inducing, and even fun.

Metaversing begins with a communal experience. Monthly or weekly small group meetings are held, often on Zoom calls. During these sessions AI Mind Mapping and Brainstorming software is used by the group to probe Sustainability issues, develop questions specifically aimed at solving those challenges, and then prescribing actions to address the problems. Ideas from individuals, shared and refined by the software, when distilled througthe group can lead to insights not discoverable by ordinary methods, since the program uses 174 billion parameters derived from the Web.

Radical solutions are needed for the problems that face Earth and Humanity, especially Climate Change. UNESCO experts claim that many miracles in technology and social action equivalent to the world's response to COVID will be necessary to avoid devastating effects on the Biosphere.

This means that dealing with Climate Change, and related issues such as those described in the UN's 17 Agenda for Sustainability Goals, must be a mass movement. Millions, even billions, must be involved, not only because every individual action matters, but because new leaders, new scientists, new teachers must emerge.

A core tenet of Metaversing is that those who would effect planetary changes must appeal to every motivation that gets humans to act in their best interest. Traditional approaches include fear-mongering, which hasn't proven successful in the long term, and persuasion through data and academic studies, which is impressive to scientists and environmentalists but rarely energizes the public. Metaversing attempts to use every mode of inspiring humans towards the long-term goal of planetary survival.